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Welcome to the Definitive Industry Forum for Advancing TIL Therapy Drug Development

Stand at the forefront of the TIL revolution at the 6th Annual TIL Therapies Summit, the only TIL focused meeting dedicated to establishing scalable, persistent, and safe TIL therapies for melanoma and beyond! Grasp the golden opportunity this October, to learn from and connect with industry trailblazers including Iovance Biotherapeutics, Achilles Therapeutics, Instil Bio,KSQ Therapeutics and many more to battle bottlenecks in cell expansion, engineering, characterization, selection and more.

Whether your team is ahead of the curve and currently pursuing this approach, or if you are looking to gain deeper insights into this field to advance your current pipelines, this cutting-edge conference is designed to inspire and facilitate the brainstorming of best-in-class approaches for developing more effective treatment solutions for patients affected by melanoma and beyond.

Attend the 6th Annual TIL Therapies Summit to:

Uncover key genetic targets to enhance potency and function to develop the next generation of engineered TILs with Iovance Biotherapeutics, Achelois Biopharma, and the University of Minnesota

Maximize manufacturing success through cutting-edge sample collection and TIL expansion techniques for a repertoire of the most reactive and potent TILs with AgonOx, CTRL Therapeutics, and Champalimaud Foundation

Accelerate TIL therapy success through optimizing patient treatment protocols and deeper understanding of adverse events with the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and Marble Therapeutics

Revolutionize TIL treatment through development of persistent and reactive TILs looking beyond high doses of IL2 with Obsidian Therapeutics, Trampoline Pharma, and Sino-Cell Biomed

Overcome TIL exhaustion with cutting edge innovations to rejuvenate and arm TILs against the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment with Lyell Immunopharma, GRIT Biotechnology, and Instil Bio

Who Will You Meet?

Connect with top TIL stakeholders, pioneers, and wavemakers who share a focus on exploring and pushing for cutting edge TIL advancements.

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