Welcome to the First Ever Digital TIL Therapies Summit!

We have seen a vast increase in TIL interest in recent years. Particularly in manufacturing, cryogenic TIL preservation, and T-cell biomarker identification. Now, in the embers of the COVID-19 crisis, take the opportunity to reconnect with key opinion leaders, update your literature knowledge and contribute to discussions on where to focus future attention.

With the likes of Iovance, Moffit Cancer Center, MD Anderson and KSQ Therapeutics, allow TIL Therapies Digital Summit to provide the platform to listen and engage at with leaders in the field.

Gain the most valuable insights from the last 2 years of TIL therapy in one jam-packed day. A conference that delivers on all levels, with speakers ranging from rising stars in academia to industry Vice Presidents. In areas such as manufacturing, clinicical case studies and cutting-edge research from the leading TIL therapy centers.

Enhance your own TIL therapy work following the lessons in talks such as:

  • Enhancing the function of tumor specific T-cells through the expression of co-stimulatory chimeric switch receptors (CSR)
    Cyrille Cohen, Professor & Vice Dean at Faculty of Life Sciences, Bar-llan University
  • Maximizing TIL efficiency: Where to position TIL therapy
    Marco Donia, Clinician-Scientist, Associate Professor of Clinical OncologyCCIT-DK National Center for Cancer Immune Therapy
  • Streamlining TIL Therapy for Melanoma Treatment
    Chantale Bernatchez, Associate Professor, MD Anderson
  • CRISPR/Cas9-Engineered Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte (eTILTM) Therapies for Solid Tumors
    Micah Benson, Head of Immunology, KSQ Therapeutics
  • Panel Discussion: Combinational approaches with TIL therapy
    Ascertain the ways in which TIL can be incorporated and optimized with other treatment options in the solid tumor space
    Moderator: Jessica Chacon, Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
    Anna Pasetto, Assistant Professor, Karolinska Institutet
    Marco Donia, Clinician-Scientist, Associate Professor of Clinical OncologyCCIT-DK National Center for Cancer Immune Therapy