The Industry Forum Dedicated to Accelerating Transformative Adoptive Cell Therapy Treatments for Solid Tumors Into the Clinic

Returning for it's 4th year, the TIL Therapies Summit  is your comprehensive guide to define your TIL development strategy for 2022 and delve into the therapeutic opportunity held by the next generation of TIL targeted therapies.

Here's what you've missed in 2022:

  • Developing a rounded and compete analytical package, taking in the key lessons for potency and genotoxicity assays to front load for regulatory success with KSQ Therapeutics and Achilles Therapeutics
  • Increasing the scope of indications for TIL from melanoma to include lung, GU and ovarian cancer in order to tackle colder tumors and increase patient benefit with Moffit Cancer Center, Cbio and Nurix Therapeutics
  • Maximizing manufacturing development to streamline your processes, achieve both commercial and clinical success while reducing time to patient with Iovance, and Orgenesis
  • Translating academic understanding into leading development to take advantage of an involved and active academic community to bridge over into industry success with University of Penn, Fred Hutch and University of Rochester

Over 80 TIL experts united in 2022 to learn, network and collaborate to capitalize on the ultimate personalized therapy for solid tumors and leave with the lessons learned to advance your clinical pipeline to patients in need.