Welcome to the 3rd TIL Therapies Summit

80% of all cancers are made up of solid tumors. Whilst there is a huge patient need to provide curative treatment, current cell therapies like CAR-T are showing extremely limited efficacy. This is why the attention is returning back to TIL therapies to take on the challenge given their inherent ability to traffic and target solid tumors.

Don’t miss out on your chance to join the TIL revolution dramatically changing the paradigm of this cancer treatment in 2022! Here are some of the topics covered in 2021's edition:

  • Improving T Cell Selection - Review neoantigen identification strategies to select for tumor reactive TIL cells with Turnstone Biologics & Genocea, and optimize biomarker selection approaches to identify potent, functioning TIL cells with Iovance
  • Genetically Engineering Optimal TILs - Assess CRISPR/Cas9 engineered TILs, identifying optimal T cell target combinations to enhance the antitumor function with KSQ Therapeutics
  • Combination Approaches to Turn Cold Tumors Hot - Understand the barriers to TIL cells in cold tumors and review rational combination approaches based on the workings of the tumor microenvironments with Herlev Hospital and BC Cancer Deeley Research Centre
  • QC and Potency Assay Development to Remove Variability - Address the challenge of developing patient specific potency assays for the release of TIL products with Moffitt Cancer Center

Join 80+ TIL experts to learn, network and collaborate to capitalize on the ultimate personalized therapy for solid tumors and leave with the lessons learned to advance your clinical pipeline to patients in need.