Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Monday, October 2, 2023

9:30 am Morning Coffee & Networking

Workshop A 10.00 – 12.30

10:15 am Setting Clinicians up for Success: Coordinating Efficient Treatment, Production & Patient Safety to Prioritize Standard of Care

  • Adam Schoenfeld Medical Oncologist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Allison Betof Warner Director, Solid Tumor Cellular Therapy & Melanoma Medical Oncology Program, Stanford University


As the number of TIL therapies in the clinic grows, clinicians must efficiently Workshop Leaders: manage clinical trials for a complex value chain, while ensuring a smooth patient journey. Furthermore, since TIL therapies can have toxicities associated with them, it is vital to treat these alongside managing trials, therefore, operating TIL trials can be tricky to navigate. Join this workshop to hear clinician’s experiences and perspective on how sponsors can aid trials and facilitate TIL success.

  • Highlighting points to consider when bringing TIL therapies into the clinic
  • Optimizing tumor harvest and TIL treatment, including tumor types beyond melanoma
  • Examining the need for lymphodepletion and IL-2 to effectively prepare a patient for TIL therapy
  • Management considerations of toxicities of unmodified TIL, engineered TIL and combination therapies
  • Opportunities and challenges with bringing TIL resection and treatment to earlier setting in patient’s care

12:30 pm Lunch Refreshments

Workshop B 1.30 – 4.00

1:45 pm Enhancing TIL Therapy Efficacy through Patient Stratification & Selection by Identifying Suitable Biomarkers


It has become apparent that some patient populations respond better to TIL therapies compared to others. Therefore, it is vital to develop methods to easily identify patients where TIL will elicit higher efficacies. This in depth workshop session seeks to discuss methods to discover markers of TIL efficacy and share biomarker of response development to further increase TIL therapy efficacy in the future.

  • Detecting patients with beneficial responses to TIL therapy to identify markers which translate to TIL activity and efficacy in vivo
  • Uncovering biomarkers which translate across beneficial responses
  • Leveraging biomarkers of response to classify patient populations with increased benefit to TIL therapy
  • TIL expansion and contraction features associated with response and persistence
  • Building data and AI/ML infrastructure for translational and clinical correlative analysis