Conference Day Two

8:00 am Morning Coffee

Improving Clarity & Synchronization of Efforts for Successful Development & Commercialization of TILs

8:30 am Panel Discussion: Key Considerations for Increasing TIL Treatment Capacity & Preparing for Commercialization


  • What are key steps to increase TIL infrastructure and meet patient demand?
  • Considerations such as TIL treatment facilities, staff recruitment and training, and resources
  • What are the model regulatory and reimbursement strategies for TILs?
  • Navigating the current regulatory landscape and discussing key considerations when preparing for commercialization

9:15 am Key Qualities of TILs & Hallmarks of Successfully Developing TIL Therapies


  • Highlighting advantages of TIL poly-clonality and state-of-the-art approaches such as AI/ML to obtain and preserve truly tumor reactive T-cells
  • Identifying gene-modifications to enhance TIL expansion, persistence, and efficacy
  • Discussing current innovations in cell culture methods for effective TIL expansion

9:45 am Morning Refreshment Break & Networking

Preclinical & Translation

Equipping TILs with Necessary Modifications to Persist in Immunosuppressive Tumor Microenvironments

10:30 am The Discovery & Development of Next-Generation Long-Lasting Anti-Exhaustion TIL Therapies

  • Jingwei Sun Senior Director of Early Discovery, GRIT Biotechnology New!


  • Design and development of function and persistence enhanced GT2 series TIL products engineered by StaViral® virus platform
  • Development of GT3 series TIL products by CRISPR KO of potent immunoregulatory targets identified through ImmuT Finder®, a genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 screening platform
  • Preliminary safety and efficacy of next-gen TIL products in human trial as monotherapy in advanced solid tumors

11:00 am Utilizing CoSTAR Cells for Persistent Activity in the Tumor Microenvironment


  • Tumor reactive T-cells become dysfunctional within the tumor microenvironment (TME), where little co-stimulation is present
  • Provision of co-stimulation in the TME by genetic modification of TIL with CoStAR® restores T-cell function in vitro and improves anti-tumor efficacy in pre-clinical models

11:30 am Counteracting T-Cell Exhaustion: T-Cell Therapy Meets Organelle Medicine

  • Luca Gattinoni Professor - Functional Immune Cell Modulation, Leibniz Institute for Immunotherapy New!


  • Using mitochondrial transfer from bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells to donate to T-cells
  • Discussing metabolic mechanisms in T-cells
  • In vitro data in TILs

Clinical Strategy & Manufacturing

Novel Understanding & Approaches to Simulating Neoantigen Reactive T-Cells for an Effective & Prolonged Response

10:30 am Targeting Clonal Neoantigens with Precision T-Cell Therapies: Key Mechanistic Insights From cNeT Clinical Trials

  • Sergio Quezada Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Achilles Therapeutics Limited


Unique translational science platform enables us to track the active component of TIL (clonal neoantigen reactive T-cells) in patients and determine key mechanisms underpinning in vivo activity 

Key insights to date include: 

  • Impact of host conditioning in T-cell persistence and engraftment 
  • Critical role of evasion mechanisms (such as HLA loss) in resistance to T-cell based therapies

11:00 am Clinical & Translational Learnings of BNT-221, a Neoantigen-Specific Adoptive T-Cell Therapy & Next Steps for Future Product Iterations

  • Marit Van Buuren Senior Director - Transational Cell Immunology, BioNTech New!


  • An insight into NEO-STIM and its applications: our process to prime, activate and expand neoantigen specific T-cells
  • An overview of clinical safety and efficacy results of BNT221 and deep characterization of the generated drug products and peripheral samples
  • An outlook of what is next including process improvements and product enhancements

Harvesting the Wealth of TILs: Navigating the Commercial Landscape

11:30 am From Bedside to Bankside: Exploring the Commercial Potential of TIL as a Therapeutic Pillar

  • Yang Liu Co-Founder, Hervor Therapeutics New!


  • Commercial positioning of TIL in I/O
  • Key strategies to ensure TILs are commercially viable for developers
  • Opportunities for biotech companies to leverage their technology for licensing

12:00 pm Lunch Break & Networking

1:00 pm Reverting TIL Exhaustion to Generate a TIL Product with More Stemness-Like T-Cells & a Broader T-Cell Repertoire to Improve Clinical Outcome


  • Mapping T-cell specificities against tumor associated and HPV-derived antigens in TIL therapy products in cervical cancer
  • Key strategies for ex vivo enrichment of tumor-reactive TILs including reinvigorating exhausted TILs and selective expansion
  • Arming T-cells against oxidative stress preserving killing functionality in the hostile tumor microenvironment

1:30 pm Rejuvenation of T-Cells Results in Younger Epigenetic Age & Improved Anti-Tumor Functions In Vitro & In Vivo

  • Gary Lee Chief Scientific Officer, Lyell Immunopharma


  • Novel potential disruptive technology to rejuvenate T-cells across multiple therapeutic modalities
  • Rejuvenated T-cells show younger epigenetic age, enhanced cell proliferation and cytokine release, and sustained antitumor activity in vitro and in vivo
  • Rejuvenated TILs preserve polyclonal anti-tumor TCR repertoire and display improved antitumor properties

Understanding of Adverse Events for Improved Patient Treatment & Clinical Retention

1:00 pm Patient Selection & Adverse Event Management for Solid Tumor TIL Therapy

  • Rodabe Amaria Assistant Professor - Melanoma Medical Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center New!


  • Criteria for appropriate patient selection
  • Considerations for bridging therapy
  • Identification and management of treatment-related adverse events

1:30 pm Panel Discussion: Evaluating Current Treatment Procedures to Identify Gaps & Opportunities in Treatment Protocols

  • Markus Maeurer Head of Immunotherapy, Champalimaud Foundation New!
  • George coukos Director - Branch, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
  • Nicholas Restifo Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Marble Therapeutics
  • Rodabe Amaria Assistant Professor - Melanoma Medical Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center New!


  • Evaluating the need for lymphodepletion and other pre-treatment protocols
  • How do we determine timing and order of treatment procedures when prioritizing the patient?
  • How do treatment protocols differ between different patients?

2:00 pm Afternoon Break & Refreshments

Boosting Understanding of TIL & Solid Tumor Mechanisms to Develop an Effective TIL Product

3:00 pm Optimizing Different Cell Populations for an Effective TIL Product


  • Evaluating important differences between cell types such as CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells for a well-rounded TIL effective product
  • How can we select different cell types and ensure consistent long-term maintenance and proliferation
  • What is the role of dendritic cells in TIL Therapy products?

3:30 pm Exploring the Characteristics of Gamma Delta TIL to Treat Patients with Solid Tumors


  • Epithelial normally serve as mucosal barriers, sites for selective transport and harbor immune cells including gamma delta T-cells
  • Gamma delta T-cells diminish with age, coincident with increased epithelial tumor cells
  • Gamma delta TIL specifically recognize autologous tumor equivalent or better than alpha beta TIL

4:00 pm Understanding of TIL Mechanisms for Successful Targeting of Potent T-Cells

  • George coukos Director - Branch, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research


  • Understanding the tumor microenvironment of origin that impacts the quality of T-cell product
  • Understanding the molecular ingredients of TIL product potency
  • Understanding the state dynamics of T-cells upon expansion and transfer
  • Enhancing TIL product potency by selectively enriching for tumor specific T-cells

4:30 pm Close of Conference Day Two