Partnership Opportunities

Establish Your Brand as the Go-To in the Rapidly Expanding TIL Field

With many TIL leaders entering the clinic and looking to scale their operations, now is the time to elevate your solutions at the 6th Annual TIL Therapies Summit. You will have exclusive access to the needs and challenges key stakeholders face allowing you to fill these gaps and forge lasting partnerships. Meet C-level executives, directors, and VPs from top TIL companies like Iovance Biotherapeutics, Obsidian Therapeutics, and Lyell Immunopharma to boost your presence in this pivotal field.

Showcase your expertise in this summit through podium presentations, moderating panel discussions, and hosting roundtables to put the spotlight on your dedicated solutions.

Who Will You Meet?

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Our 2024 Partners:

TIL 2024 Partner - Scale Ready
TIL 2024 Partner - Miltenyi
TIL 2024 Partner - OBI
TIL 2024 Partner - CTMC
TIL 2024 Partner - Nanotein
TIL 2024 Partner - DLS

Experts Need Your Help With:

Product Manufacturing

Scaling manufacturing of TIL products in a GMP compliant facility including cell, protein, and antigen manufacturing

GLP/GMP Compliant Translational Studies

Providing appropriate animal models, expertise in animal handling and testing

Assay Development, Qualification and Validation

Expertise in designing, optimizing, and validating assays for product characterization and potency determination

Media and Reagent Provision

Appropriate and high-quality tissue, blood, and culture media provision. Procurement of cell therapy laboratory reagents


Sensitive and cutting-edge instruments including bioreactors, automated flow cytometry, ddPCR, and more

Gene Engineering:

Provision of editing components including viral vectors, proteins, and plasmids. Expertise in engineering autologous therapies

Regulatory Guidance

Assistance in navigating complex regulatory requirements and ensuring compliance from IND-IMPD through to BLA and commercialization

And much more!

Why Partner?

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Spotlight your dedicated solutions to an engaged and close-knit audience ensuring you make intimate connections and accelerate partnerships

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Build relationships with senior decision makers and stakeholders to drive your commercial and strategic goals with your focused target audience

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Establish your brand in a niche and rapidly expanding market where many stakeholders are still looking for the go-to expert in all things TIL