Conference Day One

8:25 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

TILs Take the Commercial Stage: Spotlighting Clinical Programs to Emphasize TIL Progression

8:30 am Precision Cell Therapies Targeting Immunogenic Clonal Neoantigens in Lung Cancer


  • Celebrating breakthroughs in lung cancer to broaden tumor type applications to progress beyond melanoma

9:00 am TIL Prepare for the Commercial Stage


  • Preparing for commercialization with the first single administration cell therapy for solid tumors 
  • Moving TIL to earlier lines with a large scale confirmatory Phase III trial
  • Future outlook: looking beyond approval and expanding the pipeline into additional tumor types and Next Gen TIL trials

9:30 am Accelerating the Development of TIL Therapies


Miltenyi Biotec

10:00 am Morning Refreshment Break & Speed Networking

Engineering Next-Gen TIL Products to Turbocharge Therapy Efficacy

11:00 am Engineering TIL with Regulatable Cytokines to Enhance Efficacy & Reduce Systemic Toxicity


  • Genetically engineering TIL with regulatable cytokines to overcome limitations of un-engineered TIL
  • Leveraging regulated membrane bound IL-15 to improve TIL expansion, persistence, and phenotype
  • Eliminating need for high-dose IL-2 therapy to improve safety profile and expand patient eligibility

11:30 am Arming T Cells to Increase Persistence in the Hostile Tumor Microenvironment (TME)

  • Eduardo Davila Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Trampoline Pharma


  • Creating cells resistant to immunosuppressive factors secreted in the TME
  • Increasing resilience of TIL to equip against oxidative stress in the TME
  • Demonstrating edited product is viable, stable and has enhanced durability

12:00 pm Expertise Partner Presentation


Bio Sharing Network

12:30 pm Lunch Break & Networking

1:30 pm Creating Engineered TIL Knock Outs to Increase Potency while Maintaining Safety

  • Rafael Cubas Senior Director - Research, Iovance Biotherapeutics


  • Removing PD-1 to avoid toxicity mediated by systemic anti-PD-1 therapy
  • Utilizing efficient engineering methods to guarantee cell viability
  • Decreasing cost by removing the need for a combination or co-stimulant

2:00 pm Lessons from TIL Therapy in Melanoma

  • George Coukos Branch Director, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research


Talk details TBC

2:30 pm A Genome-Wide CRISPR/Cas9 Screening Platform Identifies GT316 as the Top Double KO Combination for Next-Generation TIL Therapy

  • Jingwei Sun Director, Early Discovery, Grit Biotechnology


  • ImmuT Finder®, a genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 screening platform, identifies multiple novel and/or potent immunoregulatory gene targets in primary T cells
  • Function validation of top hits from screening identifies GT316 as the most potent combination in TIL, which eradicates tumor growth and persisted longer in mouse models with lower IL-2 dependency
  • Early signals of safety and efficacy of GT316 were observed in a first in human trial as monotherapy in advanced solid tumors

3:00 pm Innovation Partner Presentation


Scale Ready

3:10 pm Afternoon Break & Poster Session

3:45 pm Discussion Panel: Evaluating Use of Engineered TIL Vs Non-Engineered TIL to Outline Opportunities


  • Comparing the benefits of both therapies from production, efficacy and ease of treatment in the clinic
  • Highlighting the opportunity and niche where each therapy type will succeed to promote side by side development
  • Discussing whether therapies will co-exist or outcompete to determine future focus

Expanding TIL Treatment Ability to Battle Tumor Types Beyond Melanoma

4:30 pm Defining TIL Features in Rare Tumors


  • Overcoming challenges in expansion from rare, immunologically cold tumors
  • Defining features of cytotoxic and metabolic dysfunction in TIL
  • Deconvoluting TIL behavior in the tumor microenvironment

5:00 pm Equipping TIL to Migrate & Infiltrate Hard-to-Treat Tumor Types

  • Eric Chen Founder & Chief Excecutive Officer, Achelois Biopharma


  • Optimizing delivery of TIL product to inaccessible tumors to enhance tumor tissue penetration
  • Increasing TIL potency to target tumors with high mutational burden
  • Enhancing TIL activity to enhance anti-tumor response

5:30 pm Close of Conference Day One