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Join Your Exclusive TIL Community to Capitalize on the
Ultimate Personalized Immunotherapy Approach for Solid Tumors

TIL therapies are returning to the forefront of solid tumor treatment to take advantage of their inherent ability to target heterogeneous antigens and survive in the hostile tumor microenvironment. Now with advances in TIL selection through the benchmarking of optimal biomarkers, streamlined manufacturing processes to improve turnaround time and cost of goods, and commercialization discussions on the horizon… it is time to get caught up to speed on the fast-evolving TIL approach.

The TIL Therapies Summit is the only industry-focused event dedicated to TIL therapies, with networking and learning opportunities from the pioneers of Iovance, Turnstone Biologics, MD Anderson, Achilles Therapeutics and Obsidian Therapeutics.

2021 promised and delivered comprehensive content critical to your clinical and commercial development including:

  • QC and potency assay development to bridge clinical data and remove variability
  • Biomarker and target identification to improve T cell selection
  • Cutting-edge genetic engineering approaches to enhance TIL function

Don’t miss out on the chance to collaborate with the leaders of TIL treatment in 2022, to improve your competitive intelligence and capitalize on the cell therapy approach which holds the most promise for solid tumors.