Andrew Weinberg

Andrew Weinberg

Company: AgonOx, Inc.

Job title: Chief Scientific Officer & PresidentCompany Details


Are Tumor-Reactive TIL Really Exhausted or Can They Be Rescued For Adoptive T cell Therapy: Clinical Implications 2:00 pm

• CD8 TIL that express both CD39 and CD103 are highly enriched for tumor reactivity and appear to have an exhausted phenotype • The CD39/CD103 double CD8 TIL can be expanded into the billions during a 3-4 week expansion phase. Once expanded they have the capacity to kill tumors in vitro and in vivo and…Read more

day: Day Two

Industry Leaders’ Fireside Chat – Accelerating the Potential of Adoptive T-Cell Therapy to Drive Toward Approved Cell Therapies in Solid Tumors: Discussing the Past, Present & Future for TIL 8:50 am

TIL therapies have come a long way since the pioneering work of Dr Rosenberg in the late 80s and the opportunity TIL provides to improve and expand on current immunotherapeutic treatments holds a great deal of promise. Key themes and questions to be explored include:   •Discussing the key lessons learned from past developments to…Read more

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