Workshop C – Optimizing Cryopreservation to Support the Development of TIL Therapies

Time: 3:00 pm
day: Pre-Conference Day


Cryopreservation of TIL products poses a distinct set of problems and many constraints of a technical nature, but the successful development of approved cell therapies relies on the stability of finished products. As such, the importance of effective cryopreservation is paramount for successful development. The use of genetic modifications to TILs poses a variety of questions that merit further investigation to ensure the production of an optimally efficacious product. The aim is to develop cell therapies that have long term stability, ease of use and preservability to support patients.


Join this collaborative session to:


• Analyze how to support the survival of cryopreserved cells

• Discuss the impact that genetic engineering effects have on cryopreservation and the strategies surrounding engineered efforts

• Tackle key considerations pertaining to stability assays